Your ODC/OOG cargo - our special equipment

After 9 years' representation of SARJAK by Peter W. Lampke GmbH & Co. KG both companies have decided to further deepen the successful partnership by a joint venture.

Same is in force as from May 1st, 2018 as PWL SARJAK Europe GmbH between SARJAK Container Lines Pte., Singapore and PWL Worldwide Logistics GmbH & Co. KG. SARJAK Container Lines was founded in 2003, same as PWL Worldwide Logistics.

Therefore both companies as well as their staff have long year experience in the container business, especially in ODC/OOG trade. We are proud to represent SARJAK Container Lines in Northern Europe.

SARJAK has evolved, and is present today at major Chinese ports, major Near East, Far East and South East Asian Ports, major Middle East Ports, major Indian Sub-Continent Ports, major East, West and South African Ports, major European and Russian/Baltic Ports & major Mediterranean and Red Sea ports.

Needless to say that all services along the entire transport chain are offered.

For further information please contact Patricia Heyland.

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