Container Services

Our liner represenations of regular container services :

Hugo Stinnes Schiffahrt GmbH, Rostock - Hamburg/Antwerp/UK to South Africa and v.v. Weekly sailings from Hamburg and Antwerp for standard equipment. Empty equipment ex German hinterland available on request.

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Nirint Shipping B.V., Rotterdam - Cuba and Venezuela and v.v.. Fortnightly sailings from Rotterdam and Bilbao. Hamburg loading for fcl shipments with empty availability Bremen/Hamburg on request.

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Messina Line - From the west. Med and Portugal to North Africa, West Africa, East Africa, South Africa, Red Sea, Arabian Gulf and v.v. Weekly FCL sailings, also for O.O.G. project cargo on special equipment.

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Northern Shipping Company, Archangelsk - Shortsea Baltic. Fortnightly sailings from Antwerp, Hamburg and Bremen on inducement basis.

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Arkas Line weekly service from Hamburg und Antwerp to Dakar, Tema, Abidjan and Lagos, Casablanca, Tangier in transshipment via Algeciras. Arkasflyer /  Hinterland depots

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Pakistan National Shipping Corporation, Karachi - Pakistan. For flagbounded cargo only.

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