Education at PWL

What we expect in return from future shipping experts is interest for languages, foreign countries, and people.

If you besides of the aforementioned really love ports and vessels and dispose of a school-leaving examination we should sit together for a conversation.

By the way - we train young people to recruit them later on for our own staff because of the fact that im- and export in our country will always play an important role - and, therefore, vessels and educated shipping experts are needed!

In Bremen young people are offered three different opportunities to be educated:

1. Classical apprentisship/traineeship of 2 1/2 or 3 years. Basis: junior highschool, secondary highschool/academic highschool, commercial college

2. Commercial college "logistics". Especially for junior high school graduates. Basis: one years visit of commercial college, pre-contract with us. Thereafter 2 1/2 years traineeship. You gain two degrees:

a. certified shipbroker/liner agent plus
b. matriculation standard

3. According to "Bremen Model" . This means simultaneously to a 3 years traineeship to shipbroker/liner agent you may study business administration in the evening and on weekends. You win twice: you will gain 2 degrees and you save 3 years time. After final examination you will be

a. certified shipbroker/liner agent plus

b. graduate in business administration for traffic/logistics, with the opportunity to achieve the bachelor degree after 3 years traineeship

Nice to see you surfing on our homepage. If you are interested in a traineeship/apprenticeship, or should you require further information, please contact us - either by mail or email.

Do want to apply for a traineeship or apprenticeship? Do you have the university degree or have you passed the commercial school successfully? Do you have good reports and your English is good?

Then you are invited to let us have your application attaching all necessary documents/testimonies and a photo to give us a picture of you under